About me

I’m Maria Frangias and I am a graduate of Eastwick College with a an Associates Degree in Computer Science. I am currently working as an Integration Data Center Technician in SHI International Corp. I am a quick learner and I am always willing to gain more knowledge. That is the main reason that I chose technology. I am very passionate about it because it develops quickly and you always can learn new things.

I am a highly motivated person with a strong background, providing exceptional Costumer Service to enable business operations. I am also proficient with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Operating system, VMware, Office 365, Hyper-V, VPN Technology, Active Directory and Hardware and Software concepts. Moreover, I have a strong understanding of Cyber Security framework and knowledgeable in configuring and installing firewalls.

So, if you want to work together and see more of what I can do, you know where to find me.

Education & Awards


Eastwick College

Excellence Award in Computer Science

Member of Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society


Eastwick College


Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Sociaty

Electronics and Computer Science

Computer Science

2023 - present

University of Phoenix


Independent Social Media Strategist

November 2022- Present

Orange House Cafe, NJ

  • Develop social media campaigns

  • Update social media content across all channels

  • Engage with customers and followers

  • Monitor campaigns and analyzes data obtained

  • Monitor SEO and web traffic metrics

  • Keep an eye on social media trends

  • Communicate effectively to all stakeholders including senior management and content developers

Greek School Teacher

September 2023 - Present (New Jersey)

Rita Fetanidou Greek School, Roseland, New Jersey

  • Planning and preparing weekly lessons including prepared supporting material (worksheets, handouts).

  • Examining and correcting homework.

  • Delivering new lesson including grammar, syntax, and vocabulary but also cultural, social and religious matters.

  • Guiding pupils to understand new material with examples and exercises.

  • Assessing pupils by creating and marking assessment tests.

  • Providing feedback on assessments.

  • Recording pupils’ development and progress, based on both assessments and classroom performance.

  • Communicating and consulting with parents/carers.

  • Maintaining good order and discipline among the pupils and safeguarding their health and safety both when they are authorized to be on the school premises and when they are engaged in authorized school activities elsewhere.

  • Participating in school meetings.

  • Participating in the organization of the School’s celebrations and cultural events.

Data Center Technician

May 2022- Present

SHI International Corp, Piscataway , NJ USA

  • Install server's components into the rack following the rack elevation diagram.

  • Setup KVM switches and Ethernet ports where desktops/laptops are connected to deploy image.

  • Power on components and check for failures by monitoring lights and display diagnostics.

  • Configure servers and complete documented bench testing.

  • Managing the group policy object (GPU) of the servers.

  • Create and delete new users accounts.

  • Manage and change IP addresses and DHCP services based on the costumer's need.

  • Maintain and use scripts for server's easier configuration.

  • Perform back ups of Active Directory data base.

  • Performing all requisite order check-ins and status updates in Microsoft AX, Air-table, Build Team checklists, and any other IDCS tracking applications.

August 2022- August 2021

Loumidis Foods Inc., Lyndhurst, New Jersey

  • Created and modified documents such as invoices, reports, customer response letters, and financial statements

  • Corresponded with customers, suppliers, and visitors clearly and effectively in person or via phone inquiries

  • Processed orders, forms and applications timely and accurately

  • Prepared the marketing meeting materials

Costumer Service Specialist

What people say about me

Arnold is relentless in his approach. Once he has a plan, he will work at it until exact precision is achieved. Form his blueprints, to the renders and then the actual results – the consistency he and his team is able to achieve is just remarkable.

- Adjaye Associates

It has been a delight working with Arnold and his studio team on our latest residential complex build. From start to finish, he was professional and made sure that the final result is of the highest quality. Our unreserved recommendation goes out to Arnold.



CompTIA Security+

CompTIA A+

January 2021

Microsoft Azure 900

Certified Electronics System Associate (CET-ESA)

February 2022- February 2026

Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT)

November 2022 - November 2026

January 2022- March 2025

February 2022- February 2025